Our Commitment

In today’s highly competitive home marketplace, AvenueOne strives to bring energy and creativity to your home sale. From listing to close and beyond we are committed to surpassing the industry standards in all areas ensuring that your home is shown in its best possible light. Our proactive systems and marketing expertise makes AvenueOne a strong partner in the sale of your home.

Our Marketing Approach

Proper Pricing

Proper pricing is essential to the sale of your home. A full market analysis will be performed to ensure that the price is set in a way that both maximizes returns and reaches the optimal amount of potential Buyers.

Home Prep

Home prep consists of decluttering your home and making any repairs that could potentially turn Buyers off when considering your home. While touring your home your AvenueOne agent will make suggestions in this area.

Image Development

Image development is an important element in helping potential buyers identify with your home. Our marketing emphasis is on simplicity and ease of information retention. Branding is accomplished through several avenues: print ads, brochure, and web advertising.

Web Presence

80 % of new home buyers use the web to find and preview homes. Social media has created a powerful platform for real estate advertising. Our branded ads appear on several social sites such as facebook, instagram and twitter.